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In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the operation of our online store, the terms of delivery and payment, as well as about the drugs sold by us.

If you have any questions or need more information about our online store products, just send us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I place an order?

After selecting the product, you will be directed to the shopping cart. Then click on the "TO CASH" button and you will be switched to the SSL secure order form. After filling in your email address, please fill in your shipping address. At the last stage you must specify the delivery method and payment method and click the "Complete order" button. Thereafter, your order will be processed by the support service.

What happens after placing an order?

Your order will now be processed. After receipt of payment, the order will be collected and sent to you within 24 hours.

You will receive three emails regarding your order:

  • Order confirmation
  • Payment receipt confirmation
  • Shipping confirmation

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Carte Bleue, American Express, and bank transfers. After the payment receipt, your order will be shipped within 24 hours. Please pay attention to the fact that money transfer process lasts for about 3 days. If you pay for your order with a credit card, it will be shipped on the same day.

What are the cost and delivery terms?

The online prescription is included in the price. If your order is confirmed, it will be sent within 24 hours. The delivery date will depend on your location and the location of the supplier, as well as on the timely payment receipt. We work hard to deliver your order directly to your door within 4-12 business days, depending on the delivery method.

We do not process orders on weekends. If you place an order after 3:00 p.m on Friday, the pharmacy will process it only on Monday.

What is the order cancellation period?

You can cancel your order before shipping by writing us a letter and indicating "Please cancel" and your order number in the subject line. We are unable to cancel the order after it has been delivered.

What are your security and privacy policies?

The protection of your personal information is without exception our highest priority. Our online order form supports the latest and most secure 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encoding system. All personal data, as well as credit card details are transferred with the utmost care and security. Our system also uses protection against credit card fraud. The persons who use fraudulent credit cards will be immediately referred to the relevant authorities.

What are the rules for sending messages by e-mail?

Often, customers do not receive confirmation e-mails or newsletters. As a rule, this happens because your E-mail mail blocks them. Below are listed 2 alternative solutions to fix this problem. If you need help, please contact our support service.

Thus, you can solve the problem with incoming e-mails:

  1. Please check the spam folder. If you find our e-mails there, please transfer / drag them to the usual incoming folder.
  2. If you have another email address, please contact our support team at [support] Moreover, you can also contact our support staff by phone.

What to expect from an online consultation?

Honestly speaking, our consultants cannot replicate a visit to the doctor. Nevertheless, the support service can describe to the customer the characteristics of a particular drug. In addition, you can always discuss the ordering process and other unknown issues, so as to stay informed.

Is the sale of over-the-counter medications legal on the Internet?

Our pharmacies have official permission to send any medications to all countries of the world, and cooperate with officially approved pharmacists who provide professional pharmaceutical assistance. All medications are purchased only from legitimate pharmaceutical wholesalers, so you can be sure that you'll receive the same medications that you would order in a pharmacy.

What is the difference between the original and generic drugs?

Unlike original drug manufacturers, the generic drugs manufacturers do not bear the costs of research, development, testing, and advertising. After the expiry of the original drug patent, other companies can start producing these drugs without any huge expenses, having acquired only a chemical formula. This results in the highest quality products at a reasonable price!

Why are generic drugs cheaper than the original ones?

They are cheaper because of the patent system. After its introduction, most drugs are under government protection for up to 17 years. During this period, other entrepreneurs do not have the right to distribute this medication, which allows this medication only to be sold by the developing company to cover the costs of the medication development. At the patent expiry, a pharmaceutical company may file an application with the Food and Drug Administration for the distribution of the medication generic version. Since there is no need for investment costs, other entrepreneurs can offer the medication 50 to 80 % cheaper than the cost of the original drugs.

May I send my medication back to you?

No. In accordance with federal law, we cannot take back drugs sold upon medical prescription. In case the parcel is damaged or not delivered at all, we will send the order again at our expense or we will reimburse the losses.

How can I get a free bonus for repeat orders?

Through the online pharmacy newsletter we make regular special offers to our customers. Come to us more often and be more informed!

What is the quality of generic drugs?

Compared with the original product, they are considered "therapeutically equivalent" ones. Generics should contain both the equal number of chemicals, as well as detect the rate of absorption of active substances in the blood circulation. Sometimes the generic version of the drug may have a different color or shape than the original drug. These differences have no influence on the effect of the medication action, and are only due to commercial or patent and legal reasons.