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Buy Lovegra without prescription

In women, as in men, there is a disorder of sexual function. It does not appear as clearly as in the strong half, but does not cause fewer problems. In such cases, a woman retains the ability to have sex purely theoretically. In practice, you experience pain due to insufficient body arousal and lack of preparation of the vagina for sexual intercourse. There can be no question of psychological or physical pleasure.

To quickly restore sexual reactions, the medicine LOVEGRA - Viagra for women was created.

Price for Lovegra without prescription

Product Dosage Quantity + Bonus Price Order
Lovegra - Women's Viagra 100mg 4 pills 24.95
Lovegra - Women's Viagra 100mg 8 pills 39.19
Lovegra - Women's Viagra 100mg 12 pills 51.35
Lovegra - Women's Viagra 100mg 20 pills 69.75
Lovegra - Women's Viagra 100mg 30 + 2 pills 101.19
Lovegra - Women's Viagra 100mg 60 + 4 pills 171.25
Lovegra - Women's Viagra 100mg 90 + 6 pills 238.75
Lovegra - Women's Viagra 100mg 120 + 8 pills 279.95
Lovegra - Women's Viagra 100mg 180 + 8 pills 368.35
Lovegra - Women's Viagra 100mg 240 + 12 pills 437.93
Lovegra - Women's Viagra 100mg 360 + 12 pills 621.75

The female pathogen acts on the same principle as the male pathogen: it restores active blood circulation in the genitals. At the time of erotic excitement, blood fills the organs of the small pelvis. First, the clitoris and lips swell, and then natural lubrication is released. After the woman is fully prepared for sex.

The medicine contains a sildenafil inhibitor, which normalizes blood flow to the vagina. It blocks the effect of phosphodiesterase type 5 on the breakdown of the cGMP enzyme, on which the increased blood supply to the pelvis depends. After 30-60 minutes, the female body begins to respond completely to sexual stimulation. LOVEGRA reviews confirm the duration of the effect up to 6 hours.

Buy Lovegra without a prescription

Pills for women have a different formula than male preparations and take into account important physiological characteristics. However, the price of LOVEGRA is not higher than that of the male counterpart.

In what cases do we recommend buying LOVEGRA?

  1. The need for excessively long caresses to achieve arousal.
  2. Lack of physical signs of sexual arousal: lack of moisture in the vagina, discomfort during penetration.
  3. Low libido, less need for sex.
  4. Difficulty or inability to reach orgasm.
  5. Search for new sexual experiences, desire to diversify the intimate life.

In all cases, the tool gives women a powerful complete excitement, which is the key to vivid orgasms.

Buy Lovegra without a prescription

Instructions for use of LOVEGRA tablets

It is sold in 100 mg pink diamond-shaped tablets, which are packed in ampoules.

Take the generic no more than once a day, 30-60 minutes before intimacy, swallow ½ or a whole tablet and drink with clean water. In most cases, meals do not affect the way LOVEGRA tablets work, but it is better to refuse to drink alcohol.

Contraindications to the use of Lovegra

  1. Pregnancy, lactation or preparation for conception.
  2. The use of drugs containing nitrates.
  3. Sildenafil intolerance.
  4. Any cardiovascular disease.
  5. The acute form of chronic diseases.