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Viagra Original online

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Original Viagra is the most common medication designed to stimulate an erection and maintain a stable result for several hours. It allows men to overcome problems of an intimate nature. Despite the high effectiveness of the drug, its use should be treated with caution, which is due to the presence of a series of contraindications.

The main active ingredient of this medicine is sildenafil. It is available in two versions, which differ in dose: 50 or 100 mg. To achieve maximum effect, calcium and magnesium, cellulose, lactose, titanium dioxide are present in the composition. The original product differs from the analogues and falsified by the presence of a name engraved on each tablet. The latter are packaged in a blister, one or more pieces. The preparation package is made of white-blue cardboard, contains a holographic label on one side.

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Viagra Original online without prescription

The work of this tool is based on the blocking of enzymes that trigger vasospasm. At the same time, it causes an increase in the volume of substances produced responsible for the relaxation of smooth muscles in the genitals. Due to this, an increase in blood flow is achieved, the complete filling of the corpora cavernosa. But the tool works exclusively in the presence of sexual desire. In the absence of sexual arousal, it is useless. Use of stimulants.

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You must use Viagra without a prescription two hours before the intended sexual intercourse. That is how long it takes for its assimilation by the body. The maximum duration of a sustained erection is usually four hours. The drug is well tolerated. If you follow the instructions, side effects rarely occur.

You can choose the correct dose of the product empirically. The recommended starting dose is 50 mg. If the effect is properly manifested, it can reduce the amount to 25 mg and, with little effectiveness, increase to 100 mg.

Viagra Original 100 mg

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It is recommended to use tablets on an empty stomach or two hours before a meal. At the same time, some foods should be avoided: grapefruit juice, fatty foods, and large amounts of alcoholic beverages. The latter can reduce the effectiveness of the drug or delay its action.

It is not recommended to use the tablets more than once during 24 hours. An overdose of them can cause unpleasant consequences:

  1. temporary decrease in the quality of vision;
  2. increased blood pressure;
  3. heart rhythm disturbances;
  4. Weakness and dizziness.
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Original Viagra is a well-known remedy against impotence, which has many advantages:
  • acts quickly, after 40-60 minutes after ingestion;
  • has a lasting effect for five hours;
  • well tolerated, rarely causes side effects;
  • available anywhere in the world;
  • Sold without a prescription. It can be ordered online with home delivery;
  • sildenafil is suitable for men of any age;
  • the drug has 100% effectiveness and long-lasting results;
  • Excellent feedback from doctors and buyers.

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This "magic" pill was the first truly effective drug to eliminate erectile dysfunction problems from the male body. Now this is a type of panacea that everyone has heard of, and the number of men who have tried this remedy amounts to tens of millions. Even at the developmental stage, the purpose of this medication was somewhat different: to lower blood pressure. But, during laboratory tests, a surprising ability was revealed: an increase in potency in men who had problems with this. Sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in Viagra, helps increase blood flow to the penis over a period of time. On our online store website you can find out how much it costs and buy the product at reasonable prices for this product. Thanks to what will return to you, wife or girl the pleasure of intimate relationships.

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