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Cialis Original

The original over-the-counter Cialis drug is designed to combat erectile dysfunction, preventing sexual impotence in men. The active substance tadalafil, which is part of the medicine, can improve potency, accelerates the process of excitation of the reproductive system. High quality tablets guaranteed by the manufacturer. The original Cialis blister contains 2 tablets with a dose of the active ingredient of 20 mg.

Price for Cialis Original online in Spain

Product Dosage Quantity + Bonus Price Order
Cialis Brand 20mg 4 pills 39.99
Cialis Brand 20mg 8 pills 58.76
Cialis Brand 20mg 12 pills 74.59
Cialis Brand 20mg 14 + 2 pills 91.19
Cialis Brand 20mg 22 + 2 pills 123.05
Cialis Brand 20mg 34 + 2 pills 175.23
Cialis Brand 20mg 48 + 4 pills 213.99
Cialis Brand 20mg 64 + 4 pills 261.12
Cialis Brand 20mg 76 + 4 pills 303.99
Cialis Brand 20mg 92 + 4 pills 359.99
Cialis Brand 20mg 120 + 8 pills 473.61

Advantages and properties of Cialis Original 20mg

Visibly increases the duration of sex. Original Cialis in the form of tablets affects a man who is in a state of sexual arousal. The active substance tadalafil is effective within 36 hours after taking the medicine. During this time, the amount of sexual acts will increase. A man will experience numerous orgasms. Original Eli lilly perfectly fights impotence, improves the hardness of an erection and increases the severity of sexual sensations.

Cialis Original 20mg

The effect after using the original Cialis

The medicine begins to work 10 to 15 minutes after ingestion and remains effective for thirty-six hours. It causes at least ten erections, with an optimal duration of each sexual relationship from sixty to eighty minutes.

Indications for use Cialis Original

It is recommended for use with symptoms of erectile dysfunction amid severe fatigue, lack of sleep and abuse of bad habits. It helps restore men's health with long-term use of tobacco products.

Cialis original buy 20mg

How and when to take pills

Cialis Original is taken individually no more than one tablet per day. Wash with simple drinking water. It is not compatible with alcohol and nitrates.


There are no special restrictions on medication administration. Allowed for use by all adult men.

The admission course is not assigned.

Cialis original possible side effects

Side effects are extremely rare, usually after an overdose.

Delivery of Cialis Original to all the cities of Spain

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