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Generic Test Package

Perfect man, exemplary, what is he? His image was formed a long time ago, according to most, it is a man, every hour ready for sexual contact and constantly thirsty for him.

Attempts to comply with the prevailing stereotype led to the massive popularity of medications to improve the potency that were prescribed 10 years ago to people with severe erectile dysfunctions. Today, the quota has changed dramatically, healthy people who prefer to have an insurance policy against failures in appointments in their pocket are among the buyers.

Price for Generic Test Package

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Generic Trial Packs 10 pills Viagra Generic 100mg
10 pills Cialis Generic 20mg
10 pills Levitra Generic 20mg

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Generic Trial Packs 20 pills Viagra Generic 100mg
20 pills Cialis Generic 20mg
20 pills Levitra Generic 20mg

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Generic Trial Packs 30 pills Viagra Generic 100mg
30 pills Cialis Generic 20mg
30 pills Levitra Generic 20mg

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Generic Trial Packs 40 pills Viagra Generic 100mg
40 pills Cialis Generic 20mg
40 pills Levitra Generic 20mg

In simple terms, "Viagra", "Cialis" and "Levitra" have become necessary for those who strive to be at their best, regardless of the situation.

However, such a wide selection of many is disconcerting, since each organism is individual, it is impossible to predict which of the medications will have an effect. With this intention, a special 3-in-1 probe kit was created: Viagra 100 mg, Cialis 20 mg and Levitra 20 mg to choose yours or to obtain them, depending on the specific situation.

Generic Test Package

All medications are classified as inhibitors that suppress the enzyme, which prevents the expansion of the vessels of the penis and, therefore, leads to weak excitation. By properties, the principle of exposure, structure and contraindications, are similar, only the active principle is different:

  1. in Viagra - Sildenafil
  2. in Cialis - Tadalafil
  3. in Levitra - Vardenafil

Viagra - tablets for potency

This medicine is considered the most popular, and even the appearance in the pharmaceutical market of other medicines that cure erectile dysfunction did not suppress the most popular "blue pills".

Cialis - impotence tablets

Popularly, it was called "drug for the weekend." Due to the large withdrawal period, the medication works for 1.5 days.

Levitra - a medicine for potency

It belongs to the supernova generation and is considered the "softest", due to the absence of secondary symptoms. During development, manufacturers took into account all deficiencies, and is now suitable even for patients with diabetes mellitus and those suffering from high blood pressure.

Generic Test Package

All inhibitors have an effect in approximately 90% of cases, act under the condition of a sexual stimulant, help to make a full intercourse, after which the reproductive organ returns to a state of calm.

It is recommended to take the products 0.5 hours before sexual intercourse, wash with several sips of water. Taking into account Viagra and Cialis, it is better to refrain from drinking beverages that contain alcohol and foods that are too fatty.

Of course, anticipating a night of love, it is possible to combine several pills at the same time, however, a proportion of illiterates can cause unexpected consequences, therefore, it is better to adjust the dose by consulting a specialized doctor.