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Erectile dysfunction - the treatment

Medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and for potency and erection are bought in Spain with childbirth. A wide variety of products from several generic leading manufacturers. The pills for potency and erection are of various types with different active ingredients (viagra, cialis, kamagra, levitra, apcalis jelly, generic priligy dpoxetine). Preparations for potency and erection are distinguished by the quality, dose and number of tablets in the vial (5 mg, 20 mg, 100 mg).

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Full sexual life is the key to a long relationship with a partner. The reasons for couples dissatisfaction may be an insufficiently long sexual relationship or their absence due to erectile dysfunction. It is especially important that men feel confident in their abilities, even sexually.

So, what to do if the process does not go as planned by nature? There are many reasons why a man cannot have sex with a partner, and all these problems are called erectile dysfunction (ED). Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and / or maintain an adequate erection of the penis, necessary for the implementation of a complete sexual relationship, which limits or precludes a satisfactory sexual relationship. This term is used if most attempts to have sex for more than three months fail. Despite the fact that not everyone can admit this, many men have erectile dysfunction and, with age, the risk of erectile dysfunction generally increases.

Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra, Erectile Dysfunction - the treatment

Erectile dysfunction usually has organic causes

An erection is the result of the interaction of nerve signals, neurotransmitters and muscle cells. ED occurs when this interaction is affected. Stress or psychological problems are not the only or immediate causes of bed failure. Often, under the influence of stress, men tend to lead an incorrect lifestyle that can lead to erectile dysfunction, for example, smoking and alcohol abuse. In fact, about 70 percent of all potency disorders have organic causes, in which the complex interaction of nerve signals, neurotransmitters and muscle cells is destroyed.

The impact of other diseases

Problems with the cardiovascular system often adversely affect an erection. For example, insufficient venous occlusion in the corpora cavernosa can lead to blood leakage from the penis at the most crucial time. A weak erection can also be a consequence of high blood pressure due to the fact that corresponding changes in blood vessels disrupt blood circulation in the penis. Unfortunately, a weakened erection can also be an adverse reaction to drug therapy, which has been prescribed for the treatment of hypertension. Another disease that may be accompanied by ED is diabetes mellitus, a metabolic disorder that causes a narrowing of the blood vessels. Ultimately, this can lead to poor blood flow to the point that an insufficient amount of blood enters the cavernous body. In addition, high blood sugar often causes nerve damage, which in turn can interrupt signal transmission, which activates the erection mechanism. Prostate diseases also cause erectile dysfunction. With surgical intervention, for example, in the case of prostate cancer, damage to the nerves that are involved in the development of an erection can occur.

Innovative therapies

Despite the fact that the term "erectile dysfunction" was coined relatively recently, problems with erection have probably always existed.

The doctor, in consultation with the patient, prescribes the most appropriate medicine for the man in his case. Usually the doctor prescribes medications such as viagra, cialis, kamagra, levitra, apcalis jelly, generic priligy dpoxetine.